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Below is a list of some of the amazing products from the house of Freshmax Health Foods...

Crunchy Soya Katori

Everyone’s favourite soya katori tastes more delicious when made using quality ingredients in a hygienic HACCP certified facility.

Crunchy Hoops

These delicious hoops will certainly satisfy that crunch craving and will help you feel fuller for longer.

Aloo Bhujiya

This is one namkeen which has a unique taste, is a staple namkeen and is loved by everyone. It is undoubtedly one of the crunchiest Indian snack dish. This namkeen is totally loved by each and every individual. And, it can very easily be used as a side snack too!.

Salted Moong Dal

One namkeen which is a perfect snack with both hot and cold beverages. It is a crispy, tea-time, kid’s friendly snack and is loved by everyone. It is one of the classic namkeens ever.

Coated Peanuts

Ever tried a roll full of namkeen. Well, this coated peanut is a must try then! Enrich your taste buds with this coated peanut in a roll. It is loved by all and is made up of high quality ingredients.

Navratan Mixture

This snack is a delicious blend of various attractive ingredients. This is one snack which will offer your taste buds an experience which is truly ‘navratan’. It is indeed one of the most appetizing namkeen ever.


Enjoy the traditional taste of this Gujarati snack which is popular amongst most Indians in India as well as abroad. It's handmade and traditional.

Zeera Mathri

Savour your taste buds with our special and classic zeera mathri. You’ll surely love that crackling sound while munching them. Try it out with lemon pickle. This one is not to be missed.

Achari Mathri

Punjabis and spicy food go hand in hand. Punjabis love teekha khaana. We are sure your granny would definitely want to have this blend of spices, our very own achari mathri with tea.

Salted Mathri

This classic mathri is an unforgettable one. This will definitely satiate your hunger pangs in a minute.


One of the greatest snacks with a cup of Indian chai. This is one snack which also signifies celebration, be it festivals or be it a wedding. Namakpaare tops this list.


Have a sweet-tooth? Then try out our sweet, crispy yet melt in mouth textured shakkarpaare. This is one snack which you really can’t stop munching.

Classic (sugar free)

Discover a new healthier flavour with our classic tomato ketchup which is sugar free. We assure you to provide you with some real good taste with almost no calories.

Chilli Garlic

Sun-ripened tomatoes with plenty of extra garlic and chilli constitutes our Chilli Garlic ketchup. It will anyday turn your gloomy meal into a delicious one.

Hot n Spicy Sauce

Wish to add some spice to your meal with fresh and healthy tomatoes? Then go and get Hot n Spicy ketchup. Well try our namakpaare or maybe zeera mathri with this ketchup. We bet you will again ask for more.

Green Chilli Sauce

A spicy green sauce made with green chilli peppers. This particular ketchup promises to deliver a massive smoky flavour. It is indeed one of the most delectable sauce.

Eggless Fat free Diet Mayo

Lover of creamy salads, potato salads, pasta salad, juicy and healthy sandwiches? This eggless fat free diet mayo will not let you deprive from having your favourites. Light in taste and easy on weight.

Garlic Mayo

This is one seriously addictive mayo and can be used for cooking or as a condiment. This mayo will give a fresh new taste to any salad, sandwich or burger.

Milk Rusk

The pleasure of having tea or coffee is incomplete until and unless you dip a rusk into it. It is one of the favourites and most essential tea snack. For our fathers and for their forefathers, rusk has always been an essential edible item. And, this rusk is a special one and can be even given to children who are not a fan of drinking milk.

Sooji Rusk

Working late night and there’s nobody to accompany you? Try our slightly sweet sooji rusk with hot piping tea. Try it out and thank us later.

Atta Rusk

One of the oldest and finest rusk ever. This particular rusk is loved by all. This rusk has been baked to perfection, is light and super crispy.

Elaichi Rusk

Elaichi flavour ke toast ki baat hi kuch aur hai. Cardamom is an aromatic pod, it adds sweetness to the rusk and makes the rusk more relishing. Enjoy it with your morning and evening tea.

Chocolate Chip

Have you ever had a feeling of being in heaven? Well, we present you soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies; a go to favourite dessert. Our chocolate chip cookies are baked to golden brown perfection and they will undoubtedly melt in your mouth.

Zeera Cookies

These cookies are little sweet and little salty and are heavily flavoured with rich aroma of cumin. They are not only delicious cookies but are also a good source of iron and ofcourse, they are very refreshing as well.

Atta Cookies

Nothing beats the taste of atta cookies. From the times of our naanimaa to our present generation, this particular cookie has been a constant favourite .Atta cookies is a legend in itself.

Mix Veg Soup

Don’t feel like preparing dinner and don’t want to compromise with your diet plan? Well, here we have healthy and heart friendly vegetable soup for you. A perfect soup to relish your tastebuds during monsoon and winters.

Chatpata Tomato Soup

Why to wait for a weekend and go to a restaurant and have tomato soup there. Celebrate each day with our very special chatpata tomato soup. This is indeed the best summertime treat.

Manchow Soup

Need an ideal starter for any meal? The sharp flavours of ginger and garlic merge beautifully with the fresh flavours of herbs like mint and coriander will be fulfilled by our specially prepared manchow soup. Try this hot, spicy, sour soup and yes, you can always add fried noodles as a topping.

Instant Oats

Oats are one of the healthiest grains on this planet earth. They have numerous health benefits. They are incredibly nutritious and helps in reducing bad cholesterol. Addition to this, they are very filling and certainly help in reducing weight.

Granola Bars

The healthiest bars which are enriched with fibre and protein. One of the best snack to satiate your hunger pangs and also it will make your heart more peppy and you more cheerful and lively.